100 Soft Sleeves / Penny Sleeve for Baseball Cards & Other Sports Cards Ultra Clear

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Keep your collection protected with these Ultra PRO Card Sleeves. They're archival-grade quality and are acid-free and made without PVC. These clear card sleeves are designed to fit topload holders. Additionally, they're made from polypropylene and are transparent, so you can clearly see the front and back of the cards. They're designed to cover and protect standard-sized cards and each one holds a single card.

100 Soft Sleeves/Penny Sleeve for Baseball Cards and Other Sports Cards:
  • 100 sleeves per pack
  • Size: 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" (2.625" x 3.625")
  • Fits topload card holder
  • Protect cards while handling
  • Each one holds a single card
  • Plastic card sleeves are made from clear polypropylene
  • Archival-quality, acid-free and made without PVC
  • Ultra clear so you can see the front and back of the cards
  • Designed for standard-sized cards