Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Gainsborough Dress Version Static Arts Statue

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Dress Static Arts Statue

Aerith, from Final Fantasy VII Remake, makes her appearance in the STATIC ARTS statuette line, clad in her extravagant red dress!

The designers spared no details in recreating Aerith in her gorgeous attire – from the beautiful waves in her hair, the jewelry adorning her neck and wrist, all the way down to the tips of her toes. Her facial features and expressions are even more glamorous, to set it apart from her every-day look. Capturing the moment Aerith peers into your face, with her hands folded behind her back, this statuette is an exquisite piece, with great care taken on the light and shadow on her skin, as well as the texture of the dress. This statue is PVC and measures about 9 1/2-inches tall.