G.I. Joe 2021 Retro Collection 3.75" Cobra Officer

G.I. Joe

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Cobra Officers are front-line fighters who lead Cobra attack units in battle. With the Retro Collection, fans can imagine exciting action and adventure from the pulse-pounding world of G.I. Joe! Featuring figures and vehicles inspired by the over-50-year legacy of G.I. Joe, the Retro Collection offers classic deco, design, and multiple points of articulation, as well as packaging accentuated by retro Hasbro branding. Offering collectors the quality and attention-to-detail they’re looking for, these fun action figures will look great displayed in any G.I. Joe action figure and vehicle collection! Each sold separately. Subject to availability. Look for more 3.75-inch-scale G.I. Joe Retro Collection figures to build teams of Joe heroes and Cobra villains! Each sold separately. Subject to availability. Includes: figure, stand, and 5 accessories.