Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon SM12a High Class Pack Tag Team GX Tag All Stars Booster BOX


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Get fired up with all new Pokemon GX packs for Sun and Moon! This Pokemon Tag Team GX expansion pack takes you on a wild ride through the Alola region where you’ll meet up with fan favorites, including Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Get creative with these characters, including some never-before-seen ones, and experience the power of each Pokemon!

At Plaza Japan, we can’t get enough Pokemon. From the original Pikachu to more obscure characters like Mega Mawile, we want to bring the joy and excitement of the Poke-verse to all of its fans. Check out all our Pokemon shop has to offer! 

Sun and Moon Pokemon GX Packs Details

Get the most out of these authentic Japanese Pokemon cards, and take your game to the next level. Unwrap your packs to reveal stunning graphics and rare cards. Wipe out the competition with all-new attacks! There are over 170 Pokemon Tag Team GX cards featuring a variety of Pokemon and trainers working together. Here’s what you can expect from your Sun and Moon Pokemon GX packs: 

  • This is an item sold in Japan, and the text is in Japanese.
  • The listing is for one box. One box includes 10 packs with 11 cards each.
  • The full set will contain 173 different cards